Diagnosis and Repair Methods

We work in management, consultation, coordination and preparation of product-to-market launches, and subsequently in application, monitoring and coordination of serial production projects.

CPA has extensive experience in technical consultations, diagnosis, repair methods, body work, and subsequent vehicle assemblies.


Before the vehicle goes onto the market:

  • Verification of the correct design in diagnosis of all vehicle control units.
  • Verification, interpretation and study of the functionality of the vehicle’s electronic and electric schemes.
  • Defining the repair method for official dealers to follow during installation, removal and repair. Work instructions.

After the vehicle goes onto the market:

  • Validation and diagnosis of the vehicle. Electronic readings for resolving faults and ensuring correct operation.
  • Design and manufacture of special tools and equipment.
  • Monitoring and continuous improvement of methods already created in previous projects (garage time, ergonomics and cost saving).
  • Definition of method (work instructions and times for dealer) for new assembly processes when a vehicle is already on the market.
  • Investigation of causes and effects.
  • Factory and dealer warranties for the brand.