We manage movement of components and sub-assembled products within the plant, from and to storage points or assembly lines, to be used in finished products.

We also offer our clients pre-assembly, integrated in the logistics process itself with the following advantages: Saving space for the client, cost reduction, operational flexibility, 24-hour availability, quality assurance, etc.


  • Pre-assembly solutions to simply manufacturing processes, providing information in real time.
  • Receipt, control and storage of all kinds of goods, and sequencing and delivery at the point of consumption.
  • Preparation and execution of shipments, after defining packaging rules. Identification, labelling and traceability when required.
  • Identification and withdrawal of defective, dubious, pre-modified and obsolete products. Recovery, modification or destruction
  • Verification and repair of containers and all types of containment and transport measures.
  • Audit of carriers to ensure quality at the destination.
  • Forklift and reverse logistics service.
  • Verification of product and services requirements provided directly to the client by external suppliers.