CPA Quality Services offers solutions tailored to clients’ needs in order to meet quality demands for product, parts and component.

We guarantee quality in client, supplier and also CPA’s facilities.

Receipt/ Analysis/ Risks/ Application/ Information


  • Sampling, unit checks, classifications and recovery of dubious or non-compliant products. Implementation of quality walls.
  • Separation of dubious or defective products, both during the internal production process and storage of finished product.
  • Audits, checks and testing of finished product.
  • Analysis of causes and effects. Monitoring of internal and external corrective measures.
  • Productive process optimisation. Application of Lean, 5S, 6 Sigma and other improvement tools to reduce costs and ensure zero defects.
  • Calculation, monitoring and reduction of quality costs.
  • Validation of supplier processes and first samples, regular audits, and efficiency of corrective measures applied. Calculation and monitoring of product life cycle.
  • Calibration, tune-up and maintenance of measuring equipment.
  • In situ metrology and in accredited laboratories.
  • First and second party audits of management systems (Quality, Environmental, PRL and others).
  • Control, recovery and separation of defective finished products in commercial warehouses or ready for shipment.
  • Internal rejections, by the factory itself or suppliers: collection, analysis, treatment, recovery or disposal.
  • Traceability – daily reports detailing services provided.